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Plum Hill Ecological Services is passionate about all aspects of applied ecological restoration, GIS mapping, and native plant landscaping. From identifying and mapping habitats, propagating and installing native plants, ecological site assessments, monitoring vegetation (assessing a site botanically), to managing invasive species, we treat each potential project differently as each site is unique. We have almost thirty years of combined professional experience in applied ecology, native plant implementation, and GIS mapping.

In our ever-changing and developing world we understand that habitats are changing and impacts occur; that is why we strive for sustainability and are spirited to be good land stewards. We are enthusiastic to be involved in private, non-profit, business, and community projects involving natural resources, restoring our natural heritage, and/or offsetting an impact.

From wetland delineations and jurisdictional determinations, botanical surveys and managing invasive species, mitigation site selection and design, native tree, shrub and seed installations, to monitoring and reporting the success of a project, Plum Hill Ecological Services has the capability to assist clients through regulatory processes for projects involving natural systems.

From preserve system management, ecological and botanical surveys, green space improvements, land use mapping, to small residential native landscapes, we aspire to work towards our clients' goals. We offer native plant landscaping, land management, and GIS mapping services to private landowners or entities that are interested in acquiring the knowledge and/or improving their land through ecological restoration or native plantings.

Furthermore, Plum Hill Ecological Services is able and experienced to provide Conceptual Planning or Feasibility Studies, Development of Mitigation Banking Instruments, and/or the Implementation and Monitoring for landowners interested in Mitigation Banking.

Plum Hill Ecological Services is owned and managed by Jacob Bartley who is the Senior Restoration Ecologist and Botanist. We are certified and participated in trainings through The Midwest Biodiversity Institue in conducting Ohio's Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity (VIBI), Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands (ORAM), and Primary Headwater Habitat (PHWH) protocols. Additionally, we are certified and participated in trainings for executing wetland delineations with the Eastern Mountains and Piedmont / Midwest Regional Supplement.

We work with local businesses, scientists, GIS Professionals, and engineers to assist in our projects when needed. Additionally, we hire local university students and individuals interested in managing and monitoring natural areas, native plants, and ecological restoration.


The mission of Plum Hill Ecological Services is to provide a wide range of applied ecological services through sound, ethical, and responsible science. To ensure quality, we utilize state-of-the-art GIS mapping technology, research-based field practices and expertise, and hardy local genotype source-identified plant materials. Plum Hill Ecological Services takes pride in being a small business that specializes in a personalized approach to drive outstanding outcomes and which will never compromise integrity for the sake of a result. We hope to assist and become involved in both small and large-scale land management projects that benefit our region’s natural resources, heritage, businesses, and community.



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